Speaking on what Matters most to Students: Passing Examinations.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, 
under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
- Nelson Henderson.

There is great worth in sharing some of our knowledge and experiences with others. While it is true it's more effective to positively influence others through example, the sad reality is that some people are only able to interact with you only if you actually get to where they are, and share through motivational and inspirational speaking.

To this end, and under the auspices of Complit Motivation and Inspiration (CMI), I now take time to speak to young adults who would like to discover their truth worth and exploit their full potential. My main focus is students, especially those in Upper Primary and Secondary school. 

Speaking about study skills during the Guidance and Counseling week at PCEA Tiekunu CDC on April 23, 2014.

In addition to speaking, I'm writing a book about How to Always be Top in Class. The most important thing you can tell a student right now is not how to make millions or become CEO of a big company, but how to pass examinations very well.

A sufficiently motivated and inspired student can then make the most of his/her time and opportunities, acknowledge and gain from failure, overcome challenges, keep hope alive and ultimately realize set goals.
Even better, such a student is in a position to help others facing different challenges in life.

My core focus areas:
  • self discovery and unconditional acceptance
  • academic excellence 
  • discipline and humility in school and beyond
  • inspiration and staying motivated
  • perfecting written and spoken English
  • hope, goals and aspirations
  • learning from failure and overcoming challenges
  • overcoming peer pressure and daring to be different
  • making the most of opportunities

To book me, kindly call 0725122450 or 0735122450.
You can also Email info@peternjenga.com or get in touch using any of these contact details.

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