Complit Communication Design

Good design is beautiful and catches your attention.
Great design is elegant, is useful and ultimately adds value.

Complit Design is the Complit Communications arm through which I carry out communication design.
Specifically, graphic design and copy writing. Services offered include:
  • logo, cards, letter-head design
  • brochures, leaflets, catalogue, posters design
  • magazine layout and design
  • book cover design, book copy layout
  • Domain registration, Email hosting and management
  • blog customization and site design
  • web copy generation and editing
Please note that the above listing is in no way exhaustive.
For design related enquiries, please get in touch using any of these contact details.

In the past, I have done web design, web strategy and SEO (search engine optimization) consulting.

I also occasionally post on the Complit Design blog. Here, I write on the user experience, usability in design, user interfaces, end user design and other communication design issues.