More about Pete R Njenga

Well, I am a writer, designer and small-time farmer. I do have an Engineering background (BSc. Mechanical Engineering, JKUAT, magna cum laude).
I am passionate about sharing useful information but more importantly, I love to add value to information.

This I do by writing books, sharing views about communication design, and posting on The Walkabout and Greening Kenya blogs. I also publish Connect Magazine  - a free online magazine.
In addition, and under the auspices of Complit Motivation & Inspiration (CMI), I take time to share some of my knowledge and experiences with others, mainly by speaking to students about realizing their self worth and making the most of their opportunities. Specifically, about how to pass examinations really well.

After 2015, I'll get back to Engineering (I'm not at liberty to reveal all the details just yet), so stand by for Complit Engineering.

To learn, share and grow together, you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

When offline, I love to take a stroll, listen to music, watch movies or TV series...
More preferable than the above, I love to hang around in the farm with my dogs and cats. My favorite radio station is the BBC World Service. The one thing I prefer above all else is to read.