Thursday, June 7, 2012

Running Out of Days

Well, it's been quite a while and I haven't been posting regularly on this blog. The main reason for the absence is that I'm working on two books: Counting Down the Days and another one inspired by and predicated on The Walkabout. The two will soon be available both here and on Amazon.

I however, continue to read. Not just one book, but several at a go: Advertising for Results, The Richest Man in Babylon, Critical Thinking, among others. Plus the usual stuff one keeps encountering on the web, each and every day.

One book does deserve a special mention, and it is General Amin by David Martin. It's interesting reading about how one of Africa's most harmful dictator rose to power and performed unspeakable crimes against humanity.

As I get back to typing after this update, I realize that I'm running out of days. But that is also the title to one of my favorite rock tunes. Enjoy :-)

I'll keep you posted as we get along. Happy reading and writing everyone!