Thursday, February 9, 2012

A World of Ideas. Thanks to Reading & Listening

Enlightenment thrives on ideas. Ideas well formulated, articulated and put into action. That is essentially what moves the world.
You can then imagine how pleased I get when I gain unfettered access to some of these ideas. In fact, I invariably remain indebted to those who come up with, and those who acknowledge, ideas worth sharing.

That said, I have lately been taking time to feed my inquisitive and ever curious mind with great ideas. Today, I'll share three of my best idea lounges.

Project Syndicate

This is my newest discovery, where you find original op-ed commentaries by leading opinion makers in politics, business, economics, science, art  and culture. It is in essence a world of ideas.

Think about the op-ed articles you've come to love from The New York Times, The Independent, The Guardian and other newspapers of note. Well, you find this kind of beautiful thinking and well articulated writing on this site. Check out Project Syndicate now, I bet you'll find it every bit worth your while.

Comment is free 

Published by the Guardian, Comment is free is a great hangout for me where I get to read great articles touching on current global issues. Over and beyond this, the well moderated, and often witty comments that follow each article make Comment is free a great online community.

Take time and visit Comment is free. There, you'll find articles and commentary on politics, global agenda, human rights, religion, philosophy, health and all manner of debate that affects human beings across the world. You'll love the reader feedback that informs the topical discourse we've come to love on Comment is free.

International Radio: BBC World Service, VOA News, et al

Thanks to predominantly wanting broadcasts [both music and content] in most local radio stations, I decided to explore the International radio stations available in my area via FM, and globally on the Internet. The BBC World Service comes out tops with up to the minute news updates, detailed news analysis, documentaries, science programs and much more.

The Voice of America radio also has in-depth news and current affairs programs, and a variety of music shows across various genres and from different parts of the world. In addition, more of the VOA programming is available online for live streaming or as free-to-download podcasts.

Speaking of podcasting and online streaming, there are other stations such as Deustch Welle radio, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, China Radio International that offer great content on their respective web sites.

Listening to informative and edifying programming on radio is a great way of gathering ideas and embracing enlightenment.

As Listen to the Radio by Don Williams plays in the background, I now get back to reading The Perils of 2012, a great piece by Joseph E. Stiglitz on Project Syndicate.

Have a great day full of ideas, good people.