Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Short Story 9 - The Socialite

First off, I take this [belated] opportunity to wish you the very best in 2012. I'll just reiterate what I shared on The Walkabout regarding believing and persisting in the new year, as you work towards your stated goals.

Speaking of goals, resolutions are largely made up of these. The same post in the Walkabout links to a STOP DOING LIST by Jim Collins, which is in his opinion is the best new year resolutions you can make.
An opinion I agree with, to a large extent.

That said, today's post is about my ninth short story in the Counting Down the Days book, fast heading towards final touches and subsequent publishing.
Other short stories in this collection, which we have so far highlighted, are: The Right to Remain Silent, Networking or not working, The Dilemma, Power to the People, Counting Down the Days, Nothing and The Vigilante and Daughters of Eve.

The Socialite

Lying on the floor, under Alice's bed, is a brand new, razor blade. It remains unused, and continues to accumulate dust on the cold, tiled floor.

Until now.

Alice is the typical go-happy girl who smiles at all and sundry, and is kind to friend and foe alike. She has an impressive following on Twitter, and manages to engage with a majority of her followers. She is very active on Facebook, with daily witty, funny status updates that her friends look forward to reading and commenting on. On Google+ she is the darling of those who have added her to their circles. They invariably look forward to hangouts with her...

And hanging out she does. Beyond chatting online, Alice has time to party and attend many social gatherings. She is self employed, working in the online marketing and advertising field. With a flexible schedule and working hours, she can manage all the time.

Alice relishes safety in numbers, but that is not her choice. One on one meet-ups are her biggest fear, and those unfortunate enough to meet her alone never get to say anything about the other Alice that no one knows.

Elijah is in Alice's bedroom, making love to her...

My Current Reads

Towards year end, I started reading Sidney Sheldon's Tell Me Your Dreams. It is the fascinating story of Ashley Patterson, whose alter ego murders five men who romantically get involved with her.

It is a great book, fast paced as usual with the usual courtroom drama you come to expect from Sidney Sheldon.

I haven't finished reading it however, thanks to distractions during the recent holidays, a great deal of Internet reads [especially the International Herald Tribune magazine 2011 Global Edition] and another novel I started reading.

I happen to have started reading Dan Brown's Deception Point. Initially, I thought I hadn't read it all, I now realize I did while using a different laptop way back in 2008.
I never managed to transfer the PDF file to my current laptop, but having started it, I have decided to read yet again, the entire eBook.
Afterwards, I'll read the other Dan Brown novels I have in my eLibrary.

Have a great mid-week guys!