Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Short Story 10 - Loving to Hate

We're almost there!

Away from reading philosophical texts and coming up with awesome main characters, today we take a look at the tenth short story in the upcoming Counting Down the Days collection.

We have in the past looked at The Right to Remain Silent, Networking or not working, The Dilemma, Power to the People, Counting Down the Days, Nothing, The Vigilante, Daughters of Eve and The Socialite.

Loving to Hate

Adrian is a ladies-man. A smooth operator who is also a modern-day Casanova. His friends in college often told him that he loved women above all else. Something Adrian unrelentingly denied.

Adrian's "love" for women is in fact an obsession with sex. He sleeps around with women not because he loves them, but because they epitomize the commercialization of sex. It is through women that sex has been commoditized. And that is something he hates.

Ironically, Adrian hates women. Deeply.

He grew up in a run-down neighborhood, the only child of a single mother. She was a sex worker who often brought men into her house to perform deviant acts with her and on occasion, with other women as well. Group sex, homosexual acts... all that happened in Jane's house.

As Adrian grew up, he became more aware of other social ills in and around his house such as domestic violence, incest among his young age-mates and blatant use of drugs by both young and old.

In an effort to revenge against the one gender that willingly let sexual impropriety thrive, he has unwittingly slipped into an addiction that he cannot sleep his way out of.

My Current Reads

In addition to all the blogs, newspapers and texts I read on-line, I am now reading Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant. This reading is a joint effort with a great tweepal. I believe both the reading experience and understanding will be greatly enhanced when we exchange notes as we get along.

Have an awesome time reading and writing!