Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Short Story Writing Hints

Hello November,

Well, I've been away since September 30. A lot has changed since then, the most important being the fact that we are on the sunset days in the writing of Counting Down The Days short story collection. Only two more stories and the book will be available for your reading pleasure. It is my stated objective to have it out before year end, all going well.

That aside, this is also a comeback post in view of the month-long blogging hiatus. For this reason, I'll keep it short and sweet. My way of doing so is obviously to share some nice stuff I have recently come across, that will be of great benefit to all that love creative writing and some great reading as well.

Following are two reads available on Issuu [my favorite online reading hangout]. They both have some writing tips, one for short stories and the other for inspirational or biographical writing. Enjoy :)

In addition, writing becomes dull if it's not accompanied by some awesome reading. So here's something to read in The Simian Transcript. Hope you find it worth your while.

Cheers good people.