Friday, July 15, 2011

Short Story 4 - Power to the People

This is a sneak peek into the fourth short story in my upcoming collection Counting Down the Days.
We have so far highlighted The Right to Remain Silent, Networking or not working and The Dilemma.

Power to the People

Since the advent of multi party politics in Kenya, a lot has changed. People are now free to castigate their elected leaders, engage them in topical debate on social networks and various media fora.

People also have the power to open bring to the fore societal ills which previously went unmentioned in the news and never made it to front page newspaper headlines.

In the far flung areas, rural electrification projects are getting more Kenyans connected. They can watch news, listen to the radio and access the Internet thanks to mobile broadband by mobile telecommunication firms.
For the first time, the rural folk can actively participate in both national and cross-border dialogue.

Power however invariably comes at a cost. People often get drunk with power. Some are using it to share too much information. Other to assassinate the character of those they do not like or to spread malicious, scandalous and libelous information about others. Across the web, people have thrown all caution to the wind and are recklessly exercising their power to do whatever they feel like.

With the passing of a new constitution in Kenya, will these same people welcome its power in protecting human rights? Will they become the immediate victims of the no nonsense penalties that await those who in word or deed misuse their power to harm others?

My Current Reads

Interestingly, I am now reading the final pages of Capitalist Nigger by Chika Onyeani. Andrew Morton's Diana: Her True Story never turned out to be a page-turner, which is okay in this day and age of near overwhelming online content begging to be read.

Most of my reading is currently happening online, thanks to International News web sites such as CNN, The Independent, The Guardian and The New York Times.
Not forgetting The Onion, whose wicked sense of humor is worth checking out every once in a while. Plus all the blogs in my blogger Reading List.

On Writing: A Memoir of the CraftThere however is one book, which will continue to offer insights and the necessary encouragement as I write this and subsequent books. It is Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.
It continues to complement the solid sentence construction, style, usage and correct grammar recommendations in Oliver Strunk's The Elements of Style, which got a much deserved mention in our very first post.

Have yourself an awesome weekend. Let's continue reading and writing together.Cheers!