Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcome. Let's Read & Write Together

African Writing
Today is truly a great day for me, yet another important step in my writing.
Setting up this site marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards the publication of my books, books that I hope will be many and more important, profound.

It all started when at an early age, I began reading books from the Heinemann African Writers Series. This included such heavyweights as Chinua Achebe, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Cyprian Ekwensi, Wole Soyinka, Alex la Guma and others.

Through this site, I purpose to learn and share stuff about reading and writing. I happen to love reading more than most things in life, and I bet it'll be interesting to exchange ideas with you about good reads, be it fiction or non-fiction, and touching on nearly any topic under the sun [yeah, I have no qualms about what I read, almost anything goes].
Towards that end, I shall routinely write about the books I am currently reading. Not fully fledged book reviews but simply highlights and links to where you can get your own copy. That includes download links for free eBooks. Should there be no link, then I'll simply Email you a copy of such a book.

For years, my writing has been published both online and on several local [Nairobi, Kenya] print magazines. Much of it has been freelance writing, or driven by online advertising.
Along the way, I decided to write some books, staring with fictional short stories. This has grown into a cool collection that I feel needs to become a book. This will happen later this year :)

Still on writing, it'll be my pleasure to engage with others in the craft, both newbies and veterans. To this end, we shall be having guest posts and extensively share creative writing insights from across the web.
In addition, this site will be closely tied to Connect eMagazine, another of my projects [currently in incubation].

Starting Point
As always, it is a good thing to get into any worthwhile venture fully armed. When it comes to writing, nothing beats a small book about writing, that carries so much weight. Every writer worth his salt should have a copy of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style. The book simply presents the principal requirements of plain English style, focusing on the rules of usage in literature, composition and grammar.

That said, let's link again tomorrow when I present my first collection of short stories. Thanks for dropping by.